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Kansas City Homes For Sale

Kansas City Homes For Sale

Kansas City Homes For Sale

Kansas City Homes For Sale


Kansas City Homes For Sale

Curtis Stock

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Kansas City New Homes For Sale

CommunityCityAvg PriceHomes for Sale
Adams Pointe Village New HomesBlue Springs$359,9501
Alexander Creek New HomesRaymore$275,7505
Amber Lakes New HomesKansas City$311,77010
Arbor Lake New HomesLenexa$430,54311
Arbor View New HomesOverland Park$542,9149
Arbor Woods New HomesOlathe$383,7902
Arborwalk New HomesLee's Summit$294,9391
Ashmont New HomesSmithville$215,0002
Aspen Creek New HomesGardner$274,5002
AUBURNDALE PATIO New HomesKansas City$273,9001
Austin Reserve New HomesGardner$251,9805
Beacon Hill Park New HomesKansas City$505,0001
Bedford Downs New HomesLone Jack$292,7002
BELLA RIDGE New HomesNone/County$374,9504
BELLA RIDGE New HomesOther$379,9252
BELLA RIDGE New HomesRiverside$384,9501
Belmo Gardens New HomesBelton$134,9001
Belmont Farms New HomesLee's Summit$361,3429
Benson Place Cove New HomesKansas City$359,9001
Benson Place Fieldstone New HomesKansas City$357,8186
Benson Place Woodchase New HomesKansas City$279,9003
Bison Park New HomesIndependence$256,5673
Blue & Gray Estates New HomesLone Jack$239,5001
Bluestem New HomesOverland Park$475,7823
BluHawk New HomesOverland Park$458,47619
Brampton West New HomesLenexa$337,6605
Branches New HomesLeavenworth$244,2805
Brighton's Landing New HomesOlathe$479,1668
Bristol Park East New HomesKansas City$296,0105
Bristol Ridge New HomesLenexa$560,4006
Bristol Valley New HomesShawnee$489,4502
Brittany Ridge New HomesShawnee$287,9501
Brook West Estates New HomesDesoto$342,2252
Brooke Haven New HomesKearney$288,2333
Brooke Hills New HomesKansas City$217,4002
Brooks Farm New HomesLee's Summit$257,9033
Brookside New HomesRaymore$258,3256
Brookwood Farms New HomesSpring Hill$327,7725
Bunker Hill New HomesKansas City$485,0001
Canaan Creek New HomesKansas City$217,5002
Canyon Creek by the Lake New HomesLenexa$504,1056
Canyon Creek By The Park New HomesLenexa$497,1352
Canyon Creek Highlands New HomesLenexa$452,01710
Canyon Ridge New HomesLenexa$412,41312
Carriage Hill Estates New HomesKansas City$322,0001
Carriage Hills North New HomesKansas City$250,0001
Carriage Meadows New HomesPeculiar$174,9001
Cayhill New HomesWarrensburg$274,9502
Cedar Creek Village New HomesLee's Summit$264,9001
Cedar Creek- Southglen Woods New HomesOlathe$642,9501
Cedar Creek- The Crossings New HomesOlathe$444,5995
Cedar Creek-Villas/Shadow Glen New HomesOlathe$469,9501
Cedar Falls New HomesBasehor$325,5002
Cedar Lake Estates New HomesBasehor$369,9501
Cedar Valley New HomesKansas City$425,0001
Cedar Wood New HomesKearney$239,9001
Cedarcrest New HomesLenexa$354,3502
Centennial Farms New HomesPeculiar$289,0001
Chapel Hill New HomesOverland Park$461,84317
Chapel Ridge New HomesParkville$369,3805
Chapman Farms- Greenbriar New HomesBlue Springs$325,0001
Chapman Farms- Greenbriar New HomesLee's Summit$314,2002
Chapman Farms- The Meadows New HomesBlue Springs$216,9001
Chapman Farms- The Shores New HomesBlue Springs$416,9634
Chapman Farms- The Shores New HomesLee's Summit$402,9701
Chapman Farms- The Villas at New HomesBlue Springs$234,1205
Charleston Harbor New HomesKansas City$247,1504
Cherry Hills Cottages New HomesExcelsior Springs$240,9002
Cider Mill Ridge New HomesParkville$411,9634
Clarkhurst New HomesRoeland Park$332,6501
Clay Meadows New HomesLiberty$262,4002
Claymont Pointe New HomesGladstone$315,6253
Claytona New HomesKansas City$238,6754
Clear Creek Valley New HomesKearney$254,9002
Coffee Creek Crossing New HomesOverland Park$642,6017
College Meadows New HomesOlathe$405,0001
Colton New HomesOverland Park$639,70010
Connor Creek- The Estates of New HomesKansas City$259,9505
Copper Creek New HomesPeculiar$209,7502
Copper Ridge New HomesPlatte City$315,0605
Copper Springs III New HomesGardner$315,3336
Copperleaf New HomesKansas City$470,6936
Corbin Park New HomesKansas City$485,0002
Cottages at Woodridge New HomesOverland Park$381,3949
Cottonwood Canyon New HomesLenexa$731,9752
Country Glen New HomesLee's Summit$278,7002
Coventry Court New HomesKansas City$253,3103
Covington Court New HomesOlathe$361,1882
Covington Creek New HomesOlathe$484,9218
Creekmoor - Club Villas at New HomesRaymore$318,6003
Creekmoor - Edgewater New HomesRaymore$507,5436
Creekmoor - High Point at New HomesRaymore$355,3299
Creekmoor- Westbrook at New HomesRaymore$425,5305
Creekmoor- Westbrook Villas at New HomesRaymore$316,5002
Creekside Woods New HomesLenexa$359,9503
Crescent Creek New HomesRaytown$194,9001
Crestview New HomesRaytown$159,9001
Cross Point Creek Cottages New HomesLenexa$406,7901
Crosspointe New HomesShawnee$355,0001
Dalton's Ridge New HomesLee's Summit$429,9502
Delaware Ridge New HomesKansas City$274,6676
Duncan Fields New HomesLiberty$249,9001
Eagle Creek New HomesLee's Summit$357,99510
Eagle Glen New HomesRaymore$294,38015
Eagle Valley New HomesTonganoxie$206,6173
Edgewood Villas New HomesOak Grove$195,0001
Elm Grove New HomesIndependence$154,0003
Embassy Park New HomesKansas City$399,9001
Emerson Park New HomesBelton$180,0001
Enclave at Cedar Pointe New HomesLeawood$498,9501
Enclave at Woodland Lakes New HomesLenexa$609,9752
Escalade Heights New HomesKansas City$179,5001
Estates at Knoll Creek New HomesRaymore$344,9002
Estates of Green View Ridge New HomesShawnee$412,4952
Estates of Highland Ridge New HomesShawnee$398,4569
Estates of Marimack New HomesKearney$330,0001
Estates of Northwood Hills New HomesKansas City$292,4002
Estates of Wolf Creek New HomesSpring Hill$350,55010
Evan Brook New HomesRaymore$199,9501
Fairfield Woods New HomesLee's Summit$362,0001
Fairways @ Falcon Lake Villas New HomesBasehor$321,8436
Falcon Lakes New HomesBasehor$379,6504
Falcon Lakes Villas New HomesBasehor$349,9252
Falcon Village New HomesLenexa$378,4504
Faulkner Meadows New HomesPleasant Hill$250,6333
Fields of Highland Park New HomesLee's Summit$312,6673
Forest Hills- The Meadows New HomesOlathe$373,2836
Forest Oaks New HomesSmithville$263,6254
Forest Ridge Estates New HomesKansas City$514,9001
Forest View The Estates New HomesOlathe$595,0538
Forest View The Hills New HomesOlathe$465,9356
Forest View The Meadows New HomesOlathe$410,9805
Fountain Hills New HomesKansas City$317,9333
Fountains at Raintree New HomesLee's Summit$319,0676
Fox Creek Villas New HomesPlatte City$195,1867
Foxberry Estates New HomesLee's Summit$318,9586
Foxfield Village New HomesOlathe$479,4252
Gate Woods New HomesRiverside$278,1003
Gatewood Villas New HomesOlathe$484,5752
Genesis Place at Green Hills New HomesKansas City$224,9002
Genesis Village at Green Hills New HomesKansas City$259,4004
Gleason Glen New HomesLenexa$379,2717
Glenn Eagles New HomesKansas City$257,0001
Grayson Place New HomesOlathe$343,9501
Greenridge New HomesCameron$179,0001
Greens of Chapel Creek New HomesShawnee$522,54610
Greyhawke New HomesSmithville$296,4002
Harbor Lake New HomesSmithville$258,0001
Harborview New HomesSmithville$193,3102
Harper Farm New HomesPeculiar$242,4002
Harvest Glen New HomesLouisburg$219,5001
Hawksbury New HomesKansas City$364,7479
Hawthorne Place New HomesWarrensburg$179,7002
Hazel Hill Estates New HomesWarrensburg$329,0001
Heather Glen New HomesShawnee$477,4816
Heather Ridge New HomesOlathe$349,91815
Heatherton Place New HomesGladstone$224,5902
Hickory Hills New HomesPleasant Hill$273,55511
Hidden Creek New HomesLouisburg$261,1252
Hidden Meadows New HomesRaymore$233,2833
Hidden Ridge New HomesBasehor$216,6503
Hideaway Lakes New HomesPolo$28,0001
Highland Meadows New HomesLee's Summit$374,4726
Highland Ridge Crossing New HomesShawnee$337,6004
Highlands of Kensington New HomesOlathe$499,9501
Highlands of Northview New HomesKansas City$303,45511
Hills Of Forest Creek New HomesShawnee$394,0004
Hills of Montclair New HomesKansas City$332,4004
Hills of Oakwood New HomesLiberty$419,9001
Hills Of Shannon New HomesSmithville$284,5001
Hills of Westwood New HomesKearney$239,9001
Hollingsworth Estates New HomesBasehor$222,0002
Holly Garden New HomesKansas City$779,0001
Honey Creek Farms New HomesBasehor$222,2314
Hunters Glen North New HomesKansas City$222,4004
Huntington Place New HomesKansas City$255,0001
Independence Old Town New HomesIndependence$250,0002
Indigo Hills New HomesBlue Springs$303,9605
Jamestowne Village New HomesKearney$279,9001
Kellybrook New HomesKansas City$347,3323
Kensington Farms New HomesLee's Summit$229,9901
Kings Gate New HomesKansas City$308,8823
Kirkwood New HomesKansas City$762,0004
Lakeside at Chapman Farms New HomesBlue Springs$372,5982
Lakeside at Chapman Farms New HomesLee's Summit$358,4075
Lakewood New HomesLee's Summit$1,199,0001
Lakewood Country Estates New HomesHelena$299,9001
Lakewood-Chapel Ridge Greens New HomesLee's Summit$376,9002
Le Mor Estates New HomesRaymore$138,2673
Leawood New HomesLeawood$1,159,6256
Legacy Park New HomesLiberty$459,0001
Legacy Wood New HomesLee's Summit$378,2673
Lei Valley New HomesBonner Springs$259,9501
Loch Lloyd New HomesLoch Lloyd$1,192,28510
Manor at Stoney Creek New HomesLee's Summit$307,92914
Maple Hill Addition New HomesKansas City$209,9006
Meadow Creek New HomesBelton$227,4503
MelRose Gardens New HomesKansas City$204,0105
Melrose Reserve New HomesOverland Park$564,5565
Mill Creek Of Summit Mill New HomesLee's Summit$398,1399
Mills Crossing New HomesOverland Park$642,3417
Mills Farm New HomesOverland Park$733,5687
Mission Woods New HomesMission Woods$1,150,0001
Monroe Park New HomesRaymore$209,9502
Montebella New HomesRiverside$434,9252
Monticello New HomesLee's Summit$395,4502
Napa Valley- Sonoma Point New HomesLee's Summit$299,9501
Napa Valley- The Vineyards New HomesLee's Summit$338,6333
New Berry at Piper New HomesKansas City$294,9001
New Village at Prairie Haven New HomesOlathe$274,0003
None New HomesClinton$219,0001
North Hampton New HomesKansas City$199,0002
Northridge at Piper Estates New HomesKansas City$322,9003
Northview Meadows New HomesKansas City$325,0004
Nottington Creek New HomesOlathe$392,8508
Oak Grove Station New HomesOak Grove$202,4502
Oak Run Estates New HomesOlathe$319,9502
Oak Run Meadows New HomesOlathe$289,9502
Oaks of Edgewood New HomesOak Grove$258,53813
Oakwood Forest New HomesKansas City$334,9384
Olive Branch New HomesPeculiar$289,8352
Overland Ridge New HomesKansas City$409,9003
Park Reserve Teton New HomesKansas City$256,4001
Park Reserve Yellowstone New HomesKansas City$396,5894
Park Ridge Meadows New HomesLee's Summit$389,9252
Park Ridge Summit New HomesLee's Summit$334,9001
Parkway Estates New HomesBlue Springs$309,73121
PARKWAY VILLAGE New HomesKansas City$271,9305
Pembrooke Estates New HomesKansas City$372,6673
Persimmon Hill New HomesOlathe$306,2004
Persimmon Pointe New HomesOlathe$278,5001
Phillip's Add New HomesKansas City$149,9001
Pine Grove Meadows New HomesKansas City$259,9006
Pine Grove Pointe New HomesKansas City$324,5001
Pinehurst Estates New HomesBasehor$345,0884
Piper Landing New HomesKansas City$290,1605
Plaza North Townhomes New HomesKansas City$450,0001
Pointe @ Raymore New HomesRaymore$129,7405
Polo Fields New HomesOverland Park$639,9502
Porter Park New HomesKansas City$385,0003
Porter's J L Sub New HomesKansas City$309,5003
Prairie Farms New HomesOlathe$394,9634
Prairie Highlands New HomesOlathe$347,4752
Prairie Highlands- The Greens New HomesOlathe$390,9507
Prairie Lake Estates New HomesBasehor$299,9502
Prairie Landing New HomesIndependence$279,4182
Prairie Point New HomesOlathe$411,0384
Prairie Ridge at Spring Hill New HomesSpring Hill$408,0001
Prairie Village New HomesPrairie Village$719,9801
Prairie Villas @ Falcon Valley New HomesLenexa$378,3333
Prairiefire Villas at Lionsgat New HomesOverland Park$1,316,9801
Presidential Park New HomesKansas City$249,3333
Prestwick New HomesKansas City$319,9501
Primrose New HomesBlue Springs$207,4002
Primrose Hill New HomesKansas City$125,0001
Prospect Hill New HomesKansas City$125,0003
Quail Meadows New HomesPleasant Hill$225,9001
Raintree Lake New HomesLee's Summit$487,4502
Ramblewood @ Jeter Farm New HomesRaymore$229,4502
Ranch Villas at Santerra New HomesGladstone$174,7004
Red Hawk Run New HomesOlathe$322,9504
Regal Estates New HomesLone Jack$239,5001
Regency Heights New HomesIndependence$249,9003
Reinhardt Estates New HomesFairway$829,0001
Remington Villas New HomesIndependence$224,9501
Reserve at Prairie Highlands New HomesOlathe$413,7651
Reserve at Stoney Creek New HomesLee's Summit$407,54616
Retreat at Maple Crest New HomesOverland Park$310,6152
Ridge Tree New HomesPleasant Hill$298,2333
Ridgestone Meadows New HomesShawnee$512,2638
Riss Lake New HomesParkville$872,4254
River Ridge Farms West New HomesOverland Park$603,8723
Riverstone New HomesKansas City$403,2227
Riverview New HomesShawnee$408,13113
Rock Creek New HomesOverland Park$223,0006
Rock Creek New HomesSmithville$259,1504
Rock Creek Ridge New HomesLansing$369,9001
Rock Hill New HomesBlue Springs$255,0001
Rocking C New HomesTonganoxie$394,9502
Rockwood of Paola/The Estates New HomesPaola$255,0002
Rollins' Landing New HomesSmithville$267,1504
Rosewood Hills New HomesGrain Valley$261,2504
Running Horse New HomesPlatte City$346,0001
Ryan Meadows New HomesGrain Valley$213,2333
Saddleridge New HomesIndependence$449,9001
Seven Bridges New HomesPlatte City$352,49914
Shadowbrook New HomesKearney$242,4002
Shadowood New HomesRaymore$275,5673
Shawnee New HomesShawnee$2,800,0001
Shawnee Trace New HomesWarrensburg$261,5002
Shoal Creek Valley - The Encla New HomesKansas City$319,9001
Shoal Creek Valley The Village New HomesKansas City$339,9752
Shoal Creek Valley- Preserve New HomesKansas City$427,2004
Siena At Longview New HomesLee's Summit$307,9145
Signal Ridge New HomesBaldwin City$259,5001
Somerset Gardens New HomesKansas City$226,0001
Springhaven Estates New HomesKansas City$190,0001
Staley Farms New HomesKansas City$429,85616
Staley Hills New HomesKansas City$370,0447
Staley Meadows New HomesKansas City$312,0001
Stone Canyon - The Estates New HomesBlue Springs$436,5003
Stone Canyon - The Retreat New HomesBlue Springs$324,9001
Stone Creek New HomesTonganoxie$229,9501
Stonebridge Meadows New HomesOlathe$375,9086
Stonebridge Park New HomesOlathe$455,8409
Stonebridge Trails New HomesOlathe$402,1329
Stonegate Reserve New HomesOverland Park$474,3767
Summerwood New HomesOverland Park$640,88217
Sunset Ridge Estates New HomesKansas City$247,5003
Sweetwater Creek New HomesSpring Hill$339,9501
Terrybrook Farms New HomesOverland Park$558,31314
The Bluff At Whispering Ridge New HomesKansas City$410,0002
The Canyon New HomesLee's Summit$1,200,0001
The Communities of Piper Lake New HomesKansas City$376,7134
The Estates at Chapman Farms New HomesBlue Springs$420,0192
The Estates at Chapman Farms New HomesLee's Summit$375,0001
The Lake At Whispering Ridge New HomesKansas City$267,6205
The Meadows At Greenfield New HomesKearney$362,4004
The National New HomesParkville$395,8305
The Preserve at Car. Hill Est. New HomesGladstone$624,4002
The Preserve at Clear Creek New HomesShawnee$475,5333
The Ranch New HomesHarrisonville$294,5001
The Reserve New HomesLenexa$273,7004
The Timbers at Clear Creek New HomesLenexa$374,3504
The Village At Sunnybrook New HomesOlathe$323,2899
The Villas at Tiffany Woods New HomesKansas City$370,0401
Theno Estates New HomesBasehor$205,0001
Thousand Oaks New HomesParkville$436,4759
Thousand Oaks New HomesSt Joseph$219,9252
Tiffany Greens New HomesKansas City$449,9002
Tiffany Lakes New HomesKansas City$357,0001
Tiffany Woods at Rose Creek New HomesKansas City$315,1101
Timber Creek Estates New HomesLathrop$288,9001
Timber Oaks New HomesBlue Springs$199,9002
Timber Springs- Estates of New HomesShawnee$339,9001
Timbercreek New HomesPleasant Hill$237,8333
Traditions New HomesBelton$219,9605
Trails of Brentwood New HomesKansas City$257,2501
Trails of Park Ridge New HomesLee's Summit$363,7339
Tuscany Hills New HomesKansas City$299,1005
Tuscany Reserve Village New HomesLeawood$675,0001
Twin Oaks New HomesPeculiar$239,3003
Twin Oaks Estates New HomesKnob Noster$158,0001
Urban North New HomesKansas City$377,2002
Valley Hills Estates New HomesGrain Valley$256,8157
Villa Meadows New HomesKansas City$295,0001
Village on Victory New HomesSpring Hill$237,7001
Villas of Ironwoods New HomesOverland Park$776,0455
Villas of Montclair New HomesKansas City$314,4001
Villas of Parkwood New HomesLee's Summit$361,6503
Villas of Sonora Valley New HomesBlue Springs$259,9001
Villas of Stonebridge New HomesKansas City$144,9502
Voorheis Vale New HomesIndependence$164,7758
Walden Estates New HomesKansas City$259,9001
Walnut Grove Estates New HomesWarrensburg$299,0001
Ward Park Place New HomesRaymore$288,7236
WatersEdge New HomesOverland Park$619,85116
Waverly Pointe New HomesGardner$162,4502
West Ridge at Weatherby Lake New HomesWeatherby Lake$405,2504
West Ridgeway New HomesKansas City$74,2001
Westwood Village New HomesKearney$257,6333
Wheatley Village New HomesOverland Park$449,9001
Whispering Hills Estates New HomesLone Jack$234,5833
Whispering Oaks New HomesArchie$298,8501
Whispering Ridge- Swanson Farm New HomesKansas City$344,8523
Whitetail New HomesOlathe$273,28312
Whitetail Run New HomesRaymore$279,9502
Whitney Hills New HomesGrain Valley$249,9502
Wild Wood New HomesPleasant Hill$229,9002
Willow Brooke New HomesKansas City$289,9001
Wilshire by the Lake New HomesOverland Park$581,94615
Wilshire Farms New HomesOverland Park$571,4541
Wilshire Ridge New HomesOverland Park$498,09713
Windgates New HomesOverland Park$270,0001
Windmill Country Estates New HomesPeculiar$244,0001
Winterset Valley New HomesLee's Summit$483,5205
Woodberry Ridge New HomesKansas City$274,9506
Woodbine New HomesBlue Springs$359,4001
Woodland Creek New HomesKansas City$262,3008
Woodland Farms New HomesShawnee$349,9001
Woodland Manor New HomesOlathe$402,0818
Woodland Reserve New HomesLenexa$601,5673
Woodland Ridge New HomesSpring Hill$304,2205
Woodland Shores New HomesLee's Summit$700,0001
Woodland Trails New HomesGreenwood$348,6424
Woodneath Farms New HomesKansas City$414,0398
Wyandotte City New HomesKansas City$155,5002
Wyngate New HomesOverland Park$571,3577

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